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So Called Mehdi Foundation

Younis Al Gohar is a mastermind behind so called Mehdi Foundation organization.

They are playing with iman of people and they call themselves part of Anjuman Sarfarosh IslamĀ which is a complete lie.

There are F.I.R registered against them in Pakistan that they are not part of Anjuman Sarfarosh Islam. And Anjuman Sarfarosh Islam has nothing to do with Younis and his so called organization Mehdi Foundation.

We the Anjuman Sarfarosh Islam has written many letters to Pakistan Government and Law Enforcements of Pakistan that Younis and his Organization is a scam and ASI (Anjuman Sarfarosh Islam) has nothing to do with them. They are using our name and playing with iman of people.

Please save your iman and stay away from them.

So called younus and his organization Mehdi Foundation is involved in anti-Islamic and anti-state activities.


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